MI-720A Replacement Membrane Kit (easy to assemble) 6/kit


MI-720A Replacement Membrane Kit (easy to assemble) 6/kit

These are the replacement barrels for the MI-720 Carbon Dioxide Electrode,(Dip-type), bottle of electrolyte


    Using any electrode in solutions containing protein requires the electrode be rinsed with an enzyme cleaning solution.


    After each use, we recommend cleaning our electrodes with Terg-a-zyme (Alconox, Inc.)  cleaning solution by submerging the electrodes for a couple of minutes in order to remove all protein from the glass and reference junction.


    This will prolong the useful life of the electrodes.


    Always clean the microelectrode before storing:


    • Long-term (over 2 weeks): Return the probe to its original container and prepare it in the same condition in which you received it.  Usually this means simply moistening the sponge located in the bottom of the protective glass tube with pH 4 buffer.


    • Short-term: The probe can be left in an acid pH buffer solution (pH 4.01).

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