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Established in 1970 by Dr. Normand C. Hebert after leaving Corning Glass Works. Dr. Hebert received his Ph.D. under Dr. Herbert C. Brown while attending Purdue University. Dr. Brown received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1979.

At Microelectrodes, Inc, we've been manufacturing custom electrodes as well as standard probes, for over 50 years.  Electrodes have been fabricated for use on the Space shuttle, studying the pH of animal stomachs in Patagonia, esophageal pH probes used to test the under-developed esophagus of neonates, developed both CO2 and O2 trans-cutaneous sensors used for neonates, and many more custom applications for microelectrodes. In addition to that we work closely with many in the Bio-pharmaceutical field, as well as research in SIDS.

Dr Normand C. Hebert at Corning Glass Works | NY
Celebrating Fifty Years
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