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  • How do I place an order?
    We accept Credit cards or Wire transfers, as well as Purchase Orders from established businesses. We do not plan to set up a credit card entry form on our website until we have a handle on security, but you can pay online once you receive an invoice. Credit card information can be entered when you receive a link in the emailed invoice upon shipment. We will gladly take orders by phone and usually prefer it, as it gives us the chance to make certain you are purchasing the correct item with the correct connections.
  • Shipping
    We normally ship via UPS for domestic and DHL for international. The cost is added to the invoice. We can collect VAT for international, but it is up to twice the price you would pay upon receipt in your country. DHL has made this very easy to pay upon receipt of your order.
  • Warranty
    We warrant our electrodes for 6 months from the date of the invoice against problems due to workmanship. PVC membranes have a 4 month warranty. Even if a probe is beyond the 6 month period, we will gladly look at it to see if it can be cleaned and/ or repaired. There is usually no cost, other than the return shipping cost to the customer.
Fabricating Microelectrodes 50 Year
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